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Renewable solar energy panels

Our Energy Monitoring System provides a unique service to all our client users.  We take your AMR (automated meter readings) data and convert it into clear graphs, charts and reports for your organisation.

Within our team we have specialists from many backgrounds, so we can provide AMR hardware, appropriate to your needs, from multiple hardware vendors.

The on-line software package can import data from any source including data loggers, smart meters, IMAP mailbox, PV Panel inverters and remote ftp collection direct from a building management system (BMS).  Many large organisations have data loggers attached to all the utilities revenue meters serving their premises and are unaware how to access and view this data. The best feature of the system is that all this divergent data from around your organisation can be organised in one intuitive energy portal.

Give us a call on 0191 500 9786 to arrange a demo of the system in action, and find out how this can benefit your organisation.

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