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Electricity and gas are very often a significant cost for organisations, and over the past 15 years prices have gone up in excess of inflation. A Greener Solution provides managed energy procurement, making sure you always get the best deal available on the market, and ensuring that you always know exactly what you are signing up for.

For all clients, from SME to large corporate, A Greener Solution can manage the tender process and ensure your portfolio is administrated correctly, including assistance with invoicing, arranging siteworks and new supplies, common contract end dates for multiple sites, changes of tenancy and negotiating rebates for charitable organisations.

Energy procurement can be a minefield for organisations, with such a large array of tariffs, suppliers and meter types. We will always endeavour to minimise the time your business spends on this, and to ensure a thorough market overview is presented.

This will help you arrive at an informed decision, each and every time an energy contract needs to be renewed. We purchase electricity, gas and dual fuel and can offer great deals on green energy, carbon zero gas and renewables.


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