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Green Electricity from energy efficient windmills

Green Electricity

We can help your organisation buy green electricity that is generated from renewable and low carbon sources.

How green electricity can benefit you:

Show your commitment to reducing carbon emissions wherever possible

Reduce costs against existing electricity spend for large users

Become part of a program of sustainable procurement.

Generation of electricity produces around a third of the UK’s carbon emissions and more renewable energy generation on a larger scale is seen as an important step towards lowering the climate change impact of this sector.

There are many options to consider when an organisation is shopping for a greener electricity supply, and we can help you make an informed choice on what is right for your organisation.

Some of the technologies are explained in more detail below.

Zero Carbon Electricity

Zero carbon energy relates to electricity that has been generated without producing any emissions at all.

This would include the traditional renewable forms of generation such as wind, wave & tidal, solar and smaller hydroelectric.

Power generated from any of these sources would have renewable obligation certificates (ROC’s) and will come with renewable electricity guarantee of origin (REGO)

Low Carbon Electricity

Low carbon energy relates to electricity that falls outside of the traditional renewable sources, but that has been generated with lower emissions than the standard output of energy sources such as gas and coal. Technologies would include good quality CHP (combined heat and power), biomass, and large scale hydro.

Power generated from these sources would be likely to be around the same cost as standard electricity.

Following the 2015 Budget, renewable generated electricity is to be taxed at the same rate as standard electricity, and a number of suppliers no longer offer these products.

However, we still work with a large number of low carbon and 100% renewable suppliers and will assist with the decision making process by providing information on fuel mix, and helping you make an informed choice.

In the instance where on site generation is not feasible for an organisation, but they still want to do their bit to help with carbon reduction, buying low carbon electricity is the sensible option.

Switching to low carbon electricity is A Greener Solution, we will buy green electricity on your behalf. As more people opt to buy green energy, the supply of clean renewable energy available on the National Grid increases and the demand for fossil fuel electricity diminishes. This sends a clear message and we believe can accelerate the changes that will help the U.K achieve its carbon reduction targets.

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