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A Greener Solution offer two options for green gas supplies, detailed below:

Green Gas

What is green gas?

Our green gas (or biogas) is sourced from Anaerobic Digestion, where waste that would otherwise leak methane (a gas 20 times more potent than CO2!) into the atmosphere is processed into biogas to be used as fuel. It works by adding bacteria to organic feed stock – usually waste, like a mixture of animal slurry and vegetation; this process releases a biogas which is collected and in electricity production, is burned to heat water and turn turbines, and the waste heat is put to good use like pasteurising the ‘digestate’ so it can be used as fertiliser. In gas production, rather than the gas being burned to produce electricity, it goes through a process called ‘scrubbing’. This ensures that it has the same ‘compressibility’ as the natural gas in the grid, while being totally odourless. It can then be injected into the grid for consumption at the same calorific value and pressure as the gas in the grid.

Certified 100% green! Behind the scenes, this gas supply comes with a Green Gas certificate under the independent Green Gas Certification Scheme.

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Carbon Zero (carbon offset) gas

Carbon Zero Gas gives your business an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and to take practical action to minimise the environmental impact of your carbon emissions. It offers a quality-assured way for you to offset the carbon emissions released as a result of your natural gas consumption, at the same time as supporting accredited carbon-saving projects in Africa and India.


CarbonZero Gas enables you to compensate for your carbon emissions by investing in carefully selected carbon-saving initiatives. The schemes you can choose to support are an energy-efficient stove project in Kenya and a wind power plant in India.

Your emissions are calculated and we then purchase the corresponding number of‘credits’ from these emission-reduction projects. You can choose whether you want to offset all of your carbon emissions from your gas usage or a percentage of them – and you can support one or both of the carbon-saving schemes.

As proof of your commitment to environmental protection, you will receive a certificate declaring the percentage of emissions you are offsetting through the scheme.


The carbon-offsetting programmes in which your funds are invested are operated by our partner, Co2Balance – one of the longest-established carbon-management organisations in the world. Co2Balance has received Gold Standard accreditation for its Kenyan cooking stove project, which provides independent verification of the quality of its carbon credits and the carbon-offsetting schemes it supports.


The Carbon Zero Gas arrangement does not affect your normal gas supply contract in any way – it simply runs alongside it, and for the same duration. The fee you pay for Carbon Zero Gas is invested in reputable and viable projects that meet the Verified Carbon Standards – a worldwide third-party accreditation scheme. Credits are retired through a public registry to ensure total transparency.

The two carbon-offsetting projects you can support through CarbonZero Gas are:


This Gold Standard project involves the provision of energy-saving cooking stoves for villages in Kenya. The brick stoves reduce the need for firewood by 50%, thereby reducing carbon emissions, preventing deforestation and preserving natural habitats.

As well as providing families with a time and cost- effective way to cook, the stoves significantly reduce indoor smoke, which is a serious threat to health in Africa resulting 1.9 million deaths per year.

Purchasing just 100,000kWh of CarbonZero Gas per year will build six stoves and save 15,854kg of firewood.


This Verified Carbon Standard project involves the construction of 75 wind turbines to generate 59.4MW of clean, renewable energy for the Gujurat state electricity grid. This will replace energy generated from fossil-fuel- based plants and provide jobs for local people. The developer is also supporting the local community by rebuilding a school, providing school equipment and running health awareness training.

When you sign up for CarbonZero Gas you will receive more detailed information on each project, including the impact your contribution will make. You can use this in your own marketing and CSR communications campaigns.


Reduce your environmental impact
Invest in reputable and viable carbon-offsetting projects
Flexibility to offset all or a percentage of your emissions from gas usage
Enhance your CSR credentials by supporting global community-enhancement
Receive a certificate to publicly demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

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